New to low carb? Want the basics of what to buy? Let me help!

This list is going to include the very basics of what to buy so it wont cost you TOO much! Basically what will keep you going until you can slowly add to your cooking pantry!

Always check the carbs on everything! This includes, bacon, chicken, almond milk, etc. Buy whatever has the lowest carbs and no added sugars. Buy uncured lunch meats not honey smoked and be careful, things like bacon use added sugars for flavor!

You may seem a bit obsessive checking everything but once you know what brands and foods to buy you wont need to constantly check!

Basic Shopping List

Okay let’s explain some items!

Heavy Whipping Cream (HWC)

This is a staple for my coffee!

Cream Cheese

You will find cream cheese used in a ton of recipes. Some will even call for more than 2 blocks but I find it’s a good starting amount.

The Cheeses

You will likely be eating a ton of cheese and a lot of recipes call for Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese. I personally also keep Parmesan and Monterrey jack around but I don’t use them as much. I keep my fridge stocked with a bag of Cheddar cheese that’s at least 3.5 cups full as well as blocks of Mozzarella cheese. Buying string cheese, cheese cubes or cheese slices can be great snacks definitely if you’re just starting low carb because you will find yourself extremely hungry the first week. Don’t starve yourself, eat!


A lot of people don’t like cauliflower but there are tons of cauliflower recipes out there so I recommend you buy a little bit so you can start experimenting now. I recommend the fried rice and Bacon Ranch Bites!

Almond Milk

Depending on your tastes you may not use much Almond Milk but I find it lasts awhile and a few recipes call for it here and there so I keep it around. Make sure you buy unsweetened!

Frozen Meats

This is a very broad category and you can really play around with more of what you enjoy! Chicken is a great option and you can use it in so many recipes! Steak is another low carb favorite along with hamburgers that you can lettuce wrap. Yes Fish is safe too! I’m just not a big fan. If you’re buying frozen meats that are premade and seasoned check the carbs!

Low Carb Tortillas

I find this a great starting item for someone getting into low carb. You can find low carb tortillas with the normal tortillas and have 3-4g of net carbs.


I think lettuce is extremely important because not only can you use it to make lettuce wraps, taco cups, salads, you can also use it to lettuce wrap burgers. It’s great if you need something easy and you grab a fast food burger, you can take it home and lettuce wrap it!


If you are not use to eating a lot of avocado I would recommend you get 1 or 2 to start. I like to add avocado so lettuce wraps and other things because of its high fiber content and you may find you need them too. I don’t buy them for recipes or just because I love them I buy them purely for the nutrients.


Zucchini is used in a ton of low carb recipes so again like cauliflower I recommend you buy a few to start and start experimenting with some of the recipes!



3 thoughts on “Basic Low Carb Shopping List!

  1. Wow, wish I had read this before shopping over the weekend. Once question I had (hubby and I actually had discussion in grocery store) Do you prefer Avocados from Mexico or ones from Florida. The fact the Florida ones just look strange to me.


    1. Haha, most produce comes from Mexico so we’re probably more accustom to whatever they may look like, however, I’d be curious to know the difference in how they are grown!


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