September 3rd 2017


Second week weigh in and measurements.

Left: 08/20/17 Right: 09/03/17

I was a bit disappointed with my Week 2 progress pictures but I made myself see the difference. I see the change in the scale, I see the change in my measurements but it was hard to physically see it, though I will say today I felt a bit bloated.

I noticed my upped back fat has been reduced and my tummy seems to have been lifted, this reflects in my measurements as well. I was just hoping to see more of a reduction in the rolls in my back. Hopefully I will see those changes in two weeks with new progress photos, it’s only been two weeks after all!


SW 198.2 LB

CW 191.5 LB

Lost Since Last Week 2.9 LB

Total Lost 6.7 LB


BUST 39.5″ (-1.5″)

WAIST 35.5″ (-1.5″)

HIPS 47.5″ (-.5″)

THIGHS 27.75″ (-.5″)

Next weigh in September 10th.

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