September 10th 2017

Third week weigh in.

I wasn’t quite sure how to address this weigh in as my weight has been extreme wonky.

I mostly stalled all week to drop 2.7 lbs on Saturday! The sad news is I let myself over eat, while I stayed Keto, I ate a bit too much and I ate late at night and so by Sunday I gained a bit back. I was hoping that over the next couple of days I would lose the weight and while yesterday I was .2 lbs away from my Saturday weight, today I gained over a lb back. I hope that by the next weigh in I drop the weight. This post will be using my Saturday weight.


Starting Weight (SW)

198.2 LB

Current Weight (CW)

188.5 LB

Lost Since Last Week

3 LB

Total Lost

9.7 LB

Next weigh in September 17th.

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