September 24th 2017

Fourth & Fifth Week Weigh In and Measurements



I apologize for the lack of updates. I started this blog with the intention to keep me motivated on my Keto journey, while I have not faltered from staying Keto, I have lost slight motivation in my blog. I do intend to keep blogging and to become more active but I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about me and how everyone’s Keto journey is different.

One of my biggest priorities with this blog was the weigh ins and progress photos, I wanted to share my progress along my journey to encourage others. I started this journey August 20th and just after the two week mark (September 3rd) I started to stall, however, that’s not what discouraged me. What discouraged me was what I believe is the cause of the stall. I have been on birth control since I was 15 (I am 24 now), this is the first time I have had an abnormal amount of break through bleeding. When I have done this WOE before I didn’t have any issues with my monthly cycle and when the bleeding didn’t stop my anxiety started to rise. I believe my current state of unbalanced hormones and added stress are currently stalling me.

After about 2+ weeks of constant bleeding I went to the doctor. I found out my father canceled my insurance at the end of July and didn’t tell me, this added only more stress. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am now private pay my doctor would have recommended that I get an Ultrasound done. So of course the next viable option is to try changing my birth controls, I have been on the same birth control for years and it’s a high estrogen dose but I will be going higher. That being said it’s been a waiting game to see if the bleeding doesn’t stop. Hopefully my cycle goes back to normal and my bloating goes down and I will experience a ‘whoosh’.

I am not doubting the Keto WOE it’s just a matter of patience for me now. While the scale goes up and down every other day I have noticed my measurements go down which has been encouraging!


SW 198.2 LB

CW 187.6 LB

Lost Since Last Week 0.9 LB

Total Lost 10.6 LB

Measurements (Total Lost)

BUST 38.25″ (-2.75″)

WAIST 34″ (-3″)

HIPS 47″ (-1″)

THIGHS 27.75″ (-.5″)

Next weigh in October 2nd.

Thank you everyone for the support!


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