The Keto Box



**This post contains affiliate links. Buy making a purchase from one of these links I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you**

Let me start off by saying I am thrilled with this box! This is my first ever Keto monthly box and I am very pleased with it!

This box is $40 shipped.


The box came completely packed and it was heavy. It also had a huge variety of items from drinks, snacks, meals and ingredients.


Steviva Blend – $9


0g Net Carbs

I was actually really happy to see this in the box because I knew it would be something I would use. While I have other sugars that I currently use I love trying out new products. I could imagine not everyone would like a product like this in their Keto box but for me I personally love the variety of products and love that it included a staple I knew I would use.

The Nutrition shows that it has 0 Net Carbs per serving, the current sugar that I use has a small amount of net carbs per serving.

Besides baking this can also be used to sweeten drinks.

Foods Alive – Italian Zest Flax Crackers – $8


12g Fiber

2g Net Carbs

(5 Crackers, 4 Servings per Package)

So this is one of the snack products I was really looking forward to! I tend to run low on a variety of snacks to satisfy my hunger so I was really excited to see this in the box!

I tried these shortly after opening the box and the flavor is actually really good. This would be great paired with something Italian such as my version of ‘Spaghetti’, whether that be low carb pasta or zoodles.

I have seen some recipes to make something similar to this but it requires a lot of ingredients I don’t typically keep in my kitchen, I may try it to compare though. The price seems a bit high as I find I tend to go over my budget when I buy a ton of snacks such as these so I tend to avoid them now.

Cauli Rice – $1


2g Net Carbs Per Package

I was really excited for this product. I love Cauliflower rice but I find I like it best made from scratch, that being said I still keep the freezer packs and chopped packs readily available in my kitchen for easy cooking. These packs are only $1 so I had high hopes for them, as compared to $2.99 for the freezer packs and chopped packs I keep.

The have 4 flavors available on their website, however, all but the original are filled with sugar.

You open the packet and stick it in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes, the idea reminds me of minute rice.

Perhaps I should have tried one of their recipes but I could not eat this product. I made it plain and the smell was TERRIBLE, the taste wasn’t much better. I then cooked the ‘rice’ on the stove with sauce like I normally would with any other Cauliflower rice and the bitter taste just never went away.

Skout Organic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – $4


1g Net Carb

2 Serving per Package.

So while I am excited for another snack in this box the price seems a bit steep. The package is only filled up to about the top of the ‘Organic’ title, the bag is resealable which is a plus, the seeds also come in a total of 3 flavors which are all low carb.

Flavors include Pink Himalayan Salt, Spicy Texas Chili, and Paraguayan Cane Sugar. Both other flavors only have 2g Net Carbs per serving and may be worth the price if you are looking to change things up from your ordinary pumpkin seeds.

They are available only in packs of 6 and are cheaper on Amazon than compared to their normal site at about $23 per case.

Role Iced Tea Blends – Yurmeric + Ginger – $3


This is another example of the great variety that The Keto Box has to offer! I love that it offered a new drink to try!

While some of the ingredients do intimidate me such as the ginger I am really interested in others such as the apple juice! So long as I like it I can see myself buying a few here and there to keep around as a treat!

The drinks are $3 each so I can’t see myself drinking them often. They also come in three different flavors, however, this is the only one that is Keto or Low Carb friendly as the others have 20g+ sugar.

Buff Bake Rocky Road Protein Peanut Spread – $10


7g of Net Carbs

11g of Protein

2 TBSP per Serving

I’m a bit surprised this was included in the box. I was excited when I saw it but it’s hard to incorporate into a Keto diet.

Made with Whey Protein, Unsweetened Chocolate, Unsweetened Chocolate Chips, Walnuts, it seems like a great balance, HOWEVER, it also has Marshmallows made with CANE SUGAR. The Marshmallows are whole and could be removed while eating but I am not quite sure why they were included in the spread. They are hard and prevent the spread from being ‘spreadable’. I like the concept of the spread but it’s hard to incorporate into the diet as is unless you use it as a treat on occasion and really watch the amount you use or remove the marshmallows.

The spread does taste good. It reminds me of cookie dough but it seems a bit thick.

Simply Delish Peach Jel Dessert – $3


0g Net Carbs

2g Polyols

I always see the debate as to whether or not sugar free Jello is Keto or not. If you are concerned about it or looking for an alternative here is your solution.

These are $3 each which is much more than Jello but that is no surprise. This ‘Jello’ takes 1 hour to cool as compared to 2-4 hours for regular Jello.

Know Double Chocolate Cookie – $2.50


4g Net Carbs

18g Protein

These come in packs of 4 for $10. They are available on Amazon which is a huge plus! I have bought KNOW products before and have enjoyed them. I have seen the advertisement for the cookie a lot and am really excited it came in this box so I could try it!

The cookie is quite large and extremely filling. The double chocolate chip was really good but a bit dry so I added some whip cream to it! I love the amount of protein that comes in the cookie as well.

It didn’t have the bitterness that some sugar free products have either.

This one is definitely a go!

2GO Coconut Oil – $1.50


0g Net Carbs

This is a great solution for anyone that drinks BPC on the go! I personally have yet to try it but I do plan to with one of these packets!

Each packet also contains MCT Oil to give you a burst of energy!

It’s a great idea to keep at your work or in your purse for those that may buy coffee from places like Quicktrip, Seven Eleven, or Fast Food Places.

Total Retail Value $41

I am pretty pleased with the box! I was nervous about purchasing it but I more confident in purchasing it again now. The only item I have yet to like is the Cauli Rice which only makes up a $1 of the Total Retail Value.

Get you November Box HERE!

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