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December Netrition Haul!


So I do my best to stay Keto but to be honest it gets boring after awhile and I like to spice things up. For those reason I have dedicated this blog to being low carb and not just ‘Keto’. In this haul you will find some items that you may not include in your way of eating. Personally I do better on low carb as I get my daily nutrients a lot better when I incorporate certain low carb food into my diet. For example when I have low carb bagels I tend to eat more protein and fat in the morning with the bagels. So if one of these items is not for you, please just ignore it and move on. 🙂

I have been waiting to do this order for quite some time as I plan to review all the items in it! I want to share with you what products are worth buying and what products aren’t.

We all know that buying special low carb items can cost quite a lot! No one wants to spend $8 on a small bag of batter for it to taste like barf! That’s why I have bought that batter to test it for you!

I do these hauls as I personally enjoy seeing what others buy. I will link each one to the reviews as I do them! Lets jump in!

We’ll start with what’s front and center.

ChocoRite Peanut Butter Patties – $16.99


While the price is steep, I have always enjoyed ChocoRite chocolate candies. I purchased these because I find I have a small addiction to sugar free Reeses Peanut Butter Cups but the sugar substitute these use isn’t all that great for you.

The main ingredient of these is Polydextrose. These are actually pretty good!

ChocoRite Vanilla Peanut Clusters – $16.99


I tried the vanilla peanut clusters rather than the crispy caramel, I still prefer the crispy caramel more but the vanilla isn’t a bad choice either.

Torani Sugar Free Syrup – $7.99


I don’t have to say much about these! I have recommended them in my specialty foods list, I love them so much. I bought peppermint and s’mores for the winter season. I have already tried the s’mores syrup with my s’mores coffee and it tasted like a real treat! I plan to add the s’mores to my hot chocolate for an iHop toasted marshmallow hot chocolate dupe! The peppermint is for my peppermint coffee I have yet to pick up from the store.

Great Low Carb Company Sourdough Bread – $7.99


This is one of those that if you are on a more strict diet you may want overlook. In contains wheat products but nutrition wise it is low in carb. My boyfriend actually added this to the order for me and I have used it to make low carb Philly cheese steak sandwiches. They have been delicious but nothing about this bread screams sourdough to me, slight disappointment.

Truvia Brown Sugar Blend – $5.99


Okay I probably should have just made my own brown sugar. I figured this would be easier so I bought it then I realized it actually includes real sugar, whoops. While the amount isn’t that high I feel like in baking it could really add up. I’ll still try it though.

Guy’s Sugar Free BBQ Sauce – $4.19


BUY THIS STUFF. I bought it before and left it at my ex’s house, whoops. Finally bought it again and this stuff is freaking amazing! It tastes rather sweet but it’s so good, I don’t know how they do it! I like it better than even normal BBQ sauce.

New York Style Bagels – $6.49


Make your own. I bought these because I am very familiar with the bagels smothered in butter on Long Island but while these are okay and I do enjoy them, they are expensive for having no real filling and are quite chewy. They have no significant flavor that reminds me of the bagels I use to eat. They are good but I wouldn’t purchase again.

Tempura Batter – $7.49


This is the batter I really want to try. It contains wheat but I love tempura SO much, I’m concerned my hopes may be a little to high for it. I’ll let y’all know!

Zevia Strawberry Soda – $5.99


I love Zevia but they are a little on the pricey side. While I stick to Coke Zero as my main soda I do like getting Zevia for my alcohol beverages.

WonderCocoa Powder – $7.95


Hopefully this works with unsweetened almond milk as it recommends milk on the back. I can’t wait to try this with my s’mores syrup!

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips – $4.49


Sugar Free Peanut Brittle – $5.99


I eat bites of it here and there, so far it’s really satisfying. The caramel taste isn’t too strong but it is there. The brittle is quite hard as well.

Eden Foods Pumpkin Seeds – $2.49


Milk Chocolate Mousse Light – $1.89


Strawberry Ice Cream Mix – $2.99


Alright so there is the list! I bought a few essentials from Amazon that I will include in another post! Any foods you would or wouldn’t recommend?

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