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CarbOLicious Low Carb Melba Toast in Onion & Garlic


I bought this off of Amazon using Prime Shipping, if you don’t see the prime shipping option it is likely sold out from the prime warehouse. It cost me $9.23.


So I bought this low carb melba toast because before I started the Low Carb way of eating I actually use to buy packs of melba toast from the store all the time. If you are not familiar with melba toast it is a cross between a cracker and toast, it’s very crunchy and can be eaten plain but typically it used with a spread. I use to always eat mine plain and was considering purchasing the plain flavor but decided on the onion & garlic because it has slightly higher reviews. The reviews on this product are pretty low in my opinion but I feel like this could be from people that aren’t familiar with normal melba toast and don’t know what to expect.

This product does include Wheat Gluten so it may not be for everyone. It has 1g of net carbs per serving which is four pieces, while four pieces isn’t a lot 3 servings is still only 3g net carbs.


A lot of people tend to complain about the price of some low carb snacks and foods but this is honestly on par with other low carb products, of course much more expensive than the real thing, but it includes 15 total servings.

While I was worried this would disappear fast I’ve managed and I would recommend it. For 15 servings even at a serving a day this will last you two weeks and that’s less than $5 a week in snacks.


Okay, so I wanted to mention that if you don’t like crunchy foods this isn’t for you. This is a bit hard and I know some people are sensitive and don’t like hard foods. While similar to the real thing as far as texture goes I would consider this one a bit harder as the real toast I use to buy would crumble when I would bite it.


Now the important part, taste. So let me start by saying the first time I tried this I didn’t like the flavor. Every now in then I get this taste that just reminds me of fish and really throws me off and grosses me off. The first time I tasted it that’s all I noticed and I don’t know what in the ingredient list could make it taste like this for me. The second time I tried it I didn’t notice it but every now and again I get the after taste of it. I only notice it when I eat them plain. I am assuming its the flaxseed meal and I am just not accustomed to it.

That being said I don’t notice that flavoring at all when I eat it with something else. So when I add a dip to it I don’t notice it at all and it seems very close to the toast I would eat. I now pair these with Italian dishes and spreads no problem and really enjoy them. I would recommend them to eat with dips instead of chips.

Overall Opinion

I personally would recommend this product to pair with something, I don’t enjoy them plain. That being said I would recommend these to any and all low carbers that enjoy melba toast.

If you have tried these and would like to let others know what you think, feel free to leave a comment below!





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