December 24th 2017

Weigh In and Progress Pics

Sorry about such a delay between posts, I have had a lot going on in my personal life and have not been time managing well. I took photos to post in November along with measurements and from what it seems I never got around to posting them. From my last post on October 18th I have lost around 13 lbs. This past month I have only lost 5 lbs but considering I had a non low carb Thanksgiving and one non low carb weekend I am just happy the scale is still climbing down.

I had a planned low carb break that was suppose to start at the end of this week. I was having a nice vacation but it may be canceled due to yet another family emergency. I will keep you guys posted in the next weigh in.

I have been a little disappointed with the weight loss because when I first did low carb at the beginning of this year I lost 35 lbs in 2.5 months. My progress now has been incredibly slow in comparison and my body has been completely out of whack. I will say I have been feeling better about my body and while I am not close to my ideal weight I have felt so much better in my clothes, not just even fit wise, when I look in the mirror I don’t feel disgusted with myself like I did before.

I hit my December goal of getting out of the 170’s. I am so close to getting to a total of 30 lbs lost since August. I am not quite sure what my January goal will be just yet as I don’t want to aim to high with my slow progress. I really wish my photos would show more of a change, not the side photo but the front and back. I see such minor differences I don’t even like posting them. I see such a huge difference in my side it’s encouraging but my back still has defined rolls and my hourglass isn’t getting anymore defined yet either. Hopefully these next few months will show more of a difference. I forgot to take measurements Sunday and I am now bloated and don’t want to take them again just yet, but hopefully soon.


SW 198.2 LB

CW 169.3 LB

Total Lost  28.9 LBS

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


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